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In 2009 Weedmaps started it's medical marijuana dispensary search. A welcome tool for consumers to find dispensaries along with product pricing and reviews.

But along with the benifits Weedmaps provides, they are not without their problems. Customers continually complain about Weedmaps slowing down their computer, menu dropdowns that don't go away and that annoying "Finding your bud!" message everytime you move the map.

WeedRegister.com is the new kid on the block but coming up fast. WeedRegister has managed to avoid these unwelcome by-products that Weedmaps has been unwilling to change.

Weedmaps frustrates me everytime I use it. It slows my computer down like a virus. I'll try WeedRegister, thanks for the info.
I agree! I've had the same problems. Why can't they fix it?
What's up with the search box. I start typing and the cursor moves to different positions. Worse than auto correct!
Wow! weedregister is pretty good
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